How It Works

Speech generating devices are keyboard based systems used to supplement or replace speech or writing for individuals with severe speech impairments or unable to speech for medical reasons. The device allows them to verbally communicate.

The UltraVoice Speaking Device does not use a keyboard and functions in real time helping laryngectomees to speak right away without the time it takes to type a response.  Although UltraVoice’s technology is revolutionary…described below.” Although Ultra Voice’s technology is revolutionary, the product is amazingly simple to use. The major components are described below.

Oral Unit

There are three basic components which need to be located in the mouth and are specially mounted into an upper denture or an orthodontic retainer (similar to the kind used to straighten teeth ).

Loud Speaker
The built-in speaker creates a natural voice tone, male or female, which simulates the voice sound that the larynx normally makes. The laryngectomee shapes the voice into speech patterns in the same way he would shape the sounds from his own voice box. The loud speaker has flexible membrane covering the speaker to protect it from saliva, food and liquids.

Radio Circuit
The radio circuit receives the signal sent from the control unit and converts the signal into an electrical signal to drive the loud speaker. It functions like a radio tuned only to the signal sent from the control unit.

Rechargeable Batteries
The batteries, which are similar to those used in watches, or hearing aids, provide the power source for both the speaker and radio circuit. They are rechargeable and designed to provided for an average day of talk time.

Control Unit

The control unit contains a high speed battery powered computer which samples your speech and controls the prosody ( how the voice pitch goes up and down) to add naturalness to the sound. Also it contains a loud speaker and amplifier which can be used to make the Ultra Voice Plus louder than any other speech aid.

Charging Unit

Ultra Voice Plus also comes with a convenient charging unit which recharges the oral unit and the control unit. The charging unit can charge both units simultaneously over night with a full charge requiring eight hours.

Hands Free Switch

Ultra Voice now offers a hands free option for its unit. The hands free feature is useful on the telephone when the user may want to take messages. It is useful while driving when the user wants to keep two hands on the wheel. The hands free switch is also helpful on the job when hands on may be required for assembly operations.

The Ultra Voice Hands Free Option works in the following way. The Control Unit is equipped with a jack for the switch. The switch has a Velcro back which makes it easy to attach and remove from its mounting location. The Control Unit should be placed with the unit pointing up when the switch is plugged in and should be 1 ½ to 3 feet away from the denture in the mouth for optimal signal transmission.

How It Is Used
The switch can be mounted on a table or desk leg or a wheelchair arm. With slight pressure to activate the remote switch, the Ultra Voice unit will turn on. The pressure can be provided by the movement of an arm, an elbow, a knee, foot. The switch may also be placed on the underarm, knee, foot, elbow or any part of the body that allows for convenient positioning and turned off and on with slight pressure.The Hands Free Switch may be mounted on a telephone receiver and easily activated by the hand holding the telephone receiver.

Hands Free Switch Option
The Hands Free Switch plugs into the Control Unit and can be mounted anywhere the user can reach it. This feature is offered $99.99 including packaging, shipping and handling. Please call if you have any questions about the Ultra Voice Plus enhancement.

For people without dentures as well

In addition to these advances Ultra Voice now uses a smaller, thinner loudspeaker and smaller batteries in the oral unit. These smaller components allow us to build a retainer model which is lighter, smaller and more comfortable than ever before. Our new retainer model fits in your mouth with your own teeth. No dentures needed!