Better than an artificial larynx! Improving the Quality of Your Life

Imagine providing laryngectomees with a revolutionary new product that is light years ahead of any conventional artificial larynx.

A new technology that is so advanced that every tone and inflection of the human voice can be precisely simulated. And a device that is simple to use and easy to maintain while bringing such extraordinary results.

Now the laryngectomee can enjoy an enhanced quality of life with near normal speaking abilities. UltraVoice brings a new dimension to these peoples lives, giving them confidence, comfort, and a new voice.

The UltraVoice is so unique that it is referred to as “the UltraVoice Speaking Device” or just plain “UltraVoice.” People will say, “I want a Kleenex” not “I want a Kleenex tissue.” Sometimes the brand name becomes synonymous with the product. UltraVoice is like that.

UltraVoice is not an artificial larynx or electrolarynx which is held on the neck. Also UltraVoice automatically changes pitch to adjust with what the user says and how he speaks. An artificial larynx can’t do that.

UltraVoice is not a “Speech Generating Device or SGD” which generally refers to a system where the user types what he wants to say and after typing the device creates artificial speech. The problem is that the SGD is not a real time device. It takes time to type and this effect is a conversation killer.

UltraVoice is not a tracheoesophageal puncture device (T.E.P.) or a voice prosthesis which is a rubber tube inserted into a surgically formed puncture between the esophagus and the trachea. UltraVoice requires no surgery, is not prone to frequent changing and visits to the doctor and it can’t fall into your lungs requiring a painful trip to the emergency room.

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